Sports Performance Clinic

We provide personalized care for every individual that comes through our door. We seek to identify the cause of every problem and go beyond merely treating symptoms. Our entire team is dedicated and passionate about empowering every athlete to regain optimal function as quickly as possible. We are committed to delivering an experience that exceeds expectations so that you can get back to being the best version of yourself. We do this not only through our practice, but also through educating our clients on how to go above and beyond to achieve their goals even after treatment.

Strength and Conditioning

At Alpha, our individualized approach to athletic development comes with a sport-specific focus and attention to individual needs. Additionally, we have age-specific programs that assist young athletes in developing and optimizing the movement patterns needed for their sport, while also working with retired athletes looking to get back into fitness again. Our trainers will tailor your programs based on your needs after your first introductory and educational session, and are committed to helping you on every step of your journey towards your current and future fitness goals.

Basketball Training

Our elite basketball trainers have the expertise you need to get to the next level. Our trainers have played and coached at the highest levels, both domestically and internationally, and know what it takes to succeed in the sport. Each trainer is vetted and matched to your specific needs and style of play. Alternatively, we offer group sessions which facilitate an individualized focus on your game while providing an opportunity to compete against other athletes at your level. Whether it's your first day playing, or you are an elite athlete striving to perfect your craft, we are invested in your success.

Birthday Parties

Come celebrate your birthday at our incredible facility! With a full-sized basketball court and a versatile multipurpose room equipped with a fridge, you can gather your friends and showcase your skills on the court with friendly competitions, fun games, and thrilling basketball challenges. With an optional trainer to lead the activities, you'll receive expert guidance and coaching, making your party an unforgettable sports exhibition. From shooting hoops to mastering trick shots, you'll have a blast while improving your basketball prowess. So bring your game face, and get ready for an epic birthday celebration!

Multipurpose Room

The multipurpose room at Alpha is an open space with a focus on off-court development. This space will be the home of our athlete education sessions. These classes will focus on supporting athletes' mental development. We will offer game film breakdown, sport psych/mental coaching, and general personal development sessions. Topics of discussion will include time management, mental toughness, how to get recruited, and much more. Keep an eye on our website for information on upcoming sessions.

Basketball Courts

Opportunities to train, compete or simply have fun are endless on our hardwood basketball courts. With one full-sized court and one training court, Alpha provides athletes with a private space to practice and play at any time of the day - even in the early morning or middle of the night. In addition to opportunities to book gym space or drop-in, our basketball courts are the new home of the IEM Basketball League and the IEM Spartans Rep Teams. Stay tuned for info on upcoming IEM camps, men's leagues and alumni events hosted at Alpha.

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