The Alpha High Performance Center strives to serve our community as the first private, multi-sport facility aiming to assist in athletic development.

Here at Alpha, we provide holistic support to athletes on and off the court. We provide strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and rehabilitation through our in-house physiotherapy services and fitness centre. With our two court spaces, we have on-court private basketball training and full-court facilities for rentals, games and practices - not only for basketball, but for other sports, too. We even have a multipurpose room for film sessions and sport education. The physical is only one aspect of becoming a complete athlete, and our classroom sessions will help you breakdown various elements of your game to help you develop a unique mental edge.

We are the comprehensive, multi-faceted support system that every athlete needs to get ahead of the competition.

At Alpha HPC, every day is a chance to get better, built off of daily deposits. Starting today, let us help you invest in your future.

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