What is our Rental Policy?
Rental Policy:

Payment MUST be made in full before groups can take the floor. All reservations must be pre-paid with a credit card at the time of booking. All confirmed rentals/parties are non-refundable and require a minimum of 48 hours emailed/written notice of cancellation to receive a credit on file and rescheduled within 1 year of the originally scheduled date, based on availability.Rentals are on a first come first serve basis and are based on availability. For further information, please check our Gym Schedule page and/or contact alphahpc@gmail.com to discuss.
Is the facility open 24/7?
Yes, however you must BOOK your access to facility amenities at least 24 hours ahead of time. You may book court time for any time of the day if the space is available. Please see our Rentals page for availability.

Note: when drop-in times are identified on our website, you may come to the facility at those designated times without booking ahead of time.
Will I be on camera or filmed when in the facility?
Yes. Security cameras will be placed throughout the facility. Furthermore, we are installing several cameras around the court for game film production purposes. By entering the facility, you consent to appearing on film for purposes including, but not limited to, security, game film analysis, highlight tapes (which may appear on social media accounts other than those associated with Alpha), and marketing materials for Alpha HPC and/or the IEM Basketball League.
What is our Entrance Policy?
Entrance Policies

  • Alpha is not responsible for any stolen or lost items.
  • NO outdoor shoes permitted, We ask that you remove winter boots and outdoor shoes upon entry to the facility. Please wear indoor basketball or running shoes at all times.
  • NO outside food.
  • Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated: Any player or visitor of Alpha displaying inappropriate behaviour or not following policy will be removed from our facility at the discretion of Alpha management.

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